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Smeding Diesel

2010–2012 6.7L Cummins Intercooler

2010–2012 6.7L Cummins Intercooler

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2010-2012 6.7L Cummins Intercooler


The importance of your truck’s intercooler should never be overlooked. A properly designed air-to-air intercooler can reduce intake air temperature (IAT), lower exhaust gas temperature (EGT) and extend turbocharger life significantly—not to mention the fact that it can add horsepower and torque. At Smeding Diesel, we offer a direct replacement intercooler for the 2010-2012 4th gen Cummins powered Ram that’s designed to outperform the factory unit in every conceivable way. Whether you’ve added larger injectors, upgraded the turbo, or haven’t touched a thing on your ’10-’12 Ram, you stand to benefit from one of our replacement intercoolers.


Direct Drop-In Replacement, Robust Design

Despite its larger size, our performance intercooler was designed to install seamlessly in front of the ’10-‘12 6.7L Cummins. It bolts directly in place of the OEM unit, requiring only simple hand tools to pull off the job (no cutting or modifying). Our intercooler also features a bar and plate construction with strong, boost-rated, cast-aluminum end tanks. Its 3-inch core measures twice the thickness of the stock intercooler, which contributes to what amounts to a 52-percent increase in internal volume.


Performance Gains & Long-Term Durability

Every engine benefits from lower intake air temps, and less heat means less stress for your engine (and turbo) to deal with. Our ’10-’12 4th gen Cummins intercooler accomplishes this by employing a 3.5-inch diameter inlet and outlet and end tanks that were specifically designed to optimize airflow. Cast-aluminum construction also ensures that the end tanks hold up to elevated boost levels. On top of that, its internal fins were strategically developed with maximum heat transfer in mind, along with minimal boost pressure drop.


The Price Is Right

It’s no secret that the diesel aftermarket is saturated with replacement intercoolers retailing for $1,000 or more. You won’t find that with the Smeding Diesel version. Our performance intercooler is designed with both quality and affordability in mind. Your Cummins will benefit from improved airflow, more air volume, cooler IATs, lower EGT, and added horsepower potential without breaking the bank. Its robust construction also offers the promise of durability when exposed to the kinds of elevated boost pressures seen in highly modified ’10-’12 Rams. 




*3-inch core is twice as thick as stock (a 100-percent increase)

*52-percent increase in internal volume over factory

*3.5-inch diameter inlet and outlet

*Reduces intake air temps and drops EGT

*Internal fins are designed for maximum heat transfer with minimal boost pressure drop

*Reduces heat and stress on your turbo and engine

*Boost-rated, cast-aluminum end tanks designed for optimum airflow

*Direct, drop-in replacement for ’10-’12 Ram 2500/3500 6.7L Cummins

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