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Ballistic Poly Bushing 2.63 in w/ Weldable Housing

Ballistic Poly Bushing 2.63 in w/ Weldable Housing

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 The 2.63" Ballistic Poly Bushing with weldable housing is made to be the ultimate in durability and ease of use. 100% made in the USA. CNC machined from DOM tubing for easy welding to standard carbon steel. The wall thickness is over .26" thick to prevent warping and tearing that is common in some bushing housings. The weldable surface is 1.85" wide. The outer diameter is 2.72". The thermoset molded polyurethane bushing is designed and produced by Prothane for ultimate in vibration dampening control. Perfect for linkages on street driven vehicles and daily drivers, where discomfort due to road vibration is more undesirable. They also work perfectly in combination with our Ballistic Joints for the highest overall performance and comfort. The Ballistic Poly Bushing's large outer diameter allows the use of a larger inner sleeve. Choose from a variety of bolt hole sizes 9/16", 5/8", and 3/4". The 2.63" mounting width perfectly matches most of our brackets intended to be used with our 2.63" Ballistic Joints. THIS JOINT IS DESIGNED FOR ROTATION ONLY ALONG THE BOLT AXIS. IF YOUR SUSPENSION REQUIRES THIS JOINT TO ROTATE MORE THAN 5 DEGREES SIDE-TO-SIDE, YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THE BALLISTIC JOINT.

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